Principal Legislation
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   1.   Interpretation.

   2.   Licensing of certain ships.

   3.   Application for inland water transport licence.

   4.   Exclusive licences.

   5.   Power to call for further particulars.

   6.   Consideration of application and the grant of licence.

   7.   Conditions of licences.

   8.   Breach of conditions of licence.

   9.   Duration of licences.

   10.   Licence not transferable.

   11.   Appeals.

   12.   Rules.

   13.   Penalty.


Commencement: 1 January, 1939.

   An Act to restrict and control the carriage of goods and passengers by water within Uganda.

1.   Interpretation.

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   (a)   "board" means the Transport Licensing Board established by the Traffic and Road Safety Act;

   (b)   "goods" includes goods or burden of any description;

   (c)   "licence" means an appropriate licence issued under this Act;

   (d)   "ship" includes every description of vessel used in navigation not propelled by oars or hand paddles and every lighter, barge or like vessel used in navigation however propelled.

2.   Licensing of certain ships.

   (1) No person shall, except under and in accordance with the terms of a licence, convey by means of any ship upon the inland waters of Uganda—

   (a)   any goods or any person for hire or reward; or

   (b)   any goods for or in connection with any trade or business carried on by him or her.

   (2) This section shall not apply to—

   (a)   the use of any ship owned by the Government; or

   (b)   the use of any ship exempted from this section by the Minister by statutory instrument.

   (3) If any person uses a ship in contravention of this section, he or she commits an offence against this Act.

   (4) Licences under this Act shall be known as inland water transport licences and may be issued in the manner provided in this Act by the board.

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