Principal Legislation
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   1.   Interpretation.

   2.   Establishment of the fund.

   3.   Board of trustees.

   4.   Chairperson, meetings, seal and procedure of the board.

   5.   Accounts and annual report.

   6.   Powers and functions of the board.

   7.   Use of the fund.

   8.   Protection from personal liability.


Commencement: 22 June, 1964.

   An Act to make provision for the establishment of a fund to be used for awarding scholarships for certain purposes, for the establishment of a board of trustees to hold and administer the fund, for regulating the use of the fund, and for purposes incidental to and connected with the aforesaid purposes.

1.   Interpretation.

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   (a)   "board" means the board of trustees established by section 3;

   (b)   "existing assets" means all contributions of money or other property made before the commencement of this Act to and held by the former committee;

   (c)   "former committee" means the committee known as the Uganda Independence Scholarships Fund Committee which was established before the commencement of this Act;

   (d)   "fund" means the fund established by section 2;

   (e)   "net income" in relation to the fund means so much of the gross income of the fund as remains after the deduction of all costs and expenses reasonably incurred for or in connection with the management of the fund.

2.   Establishment of the fund.

   (1) There is established a fund to be known as the Uganda Inde

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