1.   Interpretation.

   2.   Offences of cruelty.

   3.   Power of court to order destruction of animal.

   4.   Penalty for permitting diseased animal to be at large in public places.

   5.   No appeal against order for destruction.

   6.   Power of court to deprive person convicted of cruelty of ownership of animal.

   7.   Poisoned grain, etc.

   8.   Injured animals.

   9.   Detention of animals.

   10.   Owners to produce animal if so required.

   11.   Experiments on living animal.

   12.   Restrictions on experiments on living animal.

   13.   Minister may grant and revoke licences.

   14.   Minister may require reports.

   15.   Rules.


Commencement: 5 December, 1957.

   An Act to make provision for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

1.   Interpretation.

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires—

   (a)   "authorised officer" means any administrative officer, any police officer, any veterinary officer, any officer of the game and fisheries departments, any chief of or above the rank of subcounty chief or any other person appointed by the Minister to be an authorised officer;

   (b)   "court" includes any court having jurisdiction;

   (c)   "licensed person" means a person licensed under section 13;

   (d)   "public place" includes any public way and any building, place or conveyance to which for the time being the public are entitled or permitted to have access either without any condition or upon condition of making any payment, and any building or place which is for the time being used for any public or religious meetings or assembly or as an open court;

   (e)   "public way" includes any highway, marketplace, square, street, bridge, or other way which is lawfully used by the public;

   (f)   "vermin" means any animal injurious to man, crops or to other animals but does not include any animal wholly or partly protected under the Uganda Wildlife Act.

2.   Offences of cruelty.

   (1) Any person who—

   (a)   cruelly beats, kicks, ill-treats, overrides, overdrives, overloads, tortures or infuriates any animal, or causes or procures, or being the owner, permits any animal to be so used, or by wantonly or unreasonably doing or omitting to do any act, or causing or procuring the commission or omission of any act, causes any unnecessary suffering, or being the owner, permits any unnecessary suffering to be so caused to any animal;

   (b)   conveys or carries, or causes or procures, or being the owner, permits to be conveyed or carried, any animal in such manner or position as to cause that animal unnecessary suffering;

   (c)   wilfully, without any reasonable cause or excuse, administers, or causes or procures, or being the owner, permits the administration of, any drug or substance to any animal, or wilfully, without any reasonable cause or excuse, causes any such substance to be taken by any animal;

   (d)   subjects, or causes or procures, or being the owner, permits to be subjected, any animal to any operation which is performed without due care and humanity; or

   (e)   kills any animal in an unnecessarily cruel manner,

commits an offence of cruelty within the meaning of this Act and is liable on convict

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